Real Fabbrica
di Capodimonte

In 2020 MADE IN EDIT invites Patricia Urquiola to visit the Istituto a Indirizzo Raro Caselli Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte inside the Real Bosco, discovering its ancient tradition and the cloister where the school's didactic garden was originally located. The students of ceramic art have always used botanical references, taking them directly from plants, which are a primary source of inspiration and exercise. Hence the idea of "greening" this tradition: on one hand by reinventing a new botany of our time and on the other hand by thinking of providing the school with new plants for teaching.

Thus the collection "Hybrida" for MADE IN EDIT was born: objects and centerpieces that bring an ancient model in a contemporary key, that of the architectural tables and triumphs of the royal courts. A project strongly desired and shared by EDIT Napoli, Patricia Urquiola and the Director of the Institute Valter Luca De Bartolomeis, which stems from the desire to reinterpret the eighteenth-century theme of the great centerpieces, connecting it to the naturalistic and floral theme creating a "garden on the table", according to research deveoped by De Bartolomeis himself for the Caselli Institute in recent years. In Patricia Urquiola's innovative vision, the stylistic elements of the past give way to creatures in transformation, inhabitants of a dimension where the plant, animal and mineral worlds mingle, changing into species of pure visionary nature. The extremely high production capacity of the masters and students of Capodimonte is thus combined with the dreamlike imagination of a great designer who retrieves distant roots by throwing them into the present and the future, combining aesthetics with the denunciation of the strong fragility of our world.