Reinaldo Sanguino
with Ceramiche Fes

Sanguino is a ceramist from Venezuela who has lived in multi-ethnic New York for several years, to which he has brought his country's techniques and colours. Invited to the EDIT Napoli residency programme that has carried him to the Amalfi Coast, he has been overwhelmed by the sensoriality that inevitably accompanies the experience of nature and landscape in Campania.

Here, he spends his days at the workshop, with master craftsmen versed in a native and millennial ceramic technique, sharing traditions . He was inspired by the peculiarities of the urban and natural landscape: the patterns of the curtains that protect the entrances of the houses from the sun, the scent of the lemon tree under his room, the voices of the village ladies hanging out their laundry. These elements become minute graphic signs and references in his works “Minori”, a collection of vases born from the design meeting between his ceramics and that of the Campania masters. The colours of his land, which he has always carried with him, have found a welcoming new abode.