sara ricciardi
with Hebanon 1830

ORA is a collection of tools for the stimulation of a daily ritual, designed by Sara Ricciardi and produced by Hebanon 1830. The series is composed of six objects that form a sequence, determining precise gestures through the weights, the hand and foot massager, the incense holder, the hourglass and the perpetual fountain.
ORA is the Latin verb that means the action of praying in the famous Benedictine admonition "Ora et labora" (pray and work), which, still today, is a precious teaching aimed at caring for oneself through body and mind.

The ritual starts from the fountain, which activates the cycle of water in the circular shape of the ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail, a symbol of perfection and constant transformation. We then move on to the use of the censer, for olfactory stimulation, and the two massagers for opening the energy channels of the hands and feet, by rubbing them with rough slabs of rose quartz, the "stone of the heart". Time is marked by an "open" hourglass, to touch its flow as sand passing through the fingers. The ritual ends with gentle muscle strengthening through a series of specific weights, in which the raw material determines the value and therefore the intensity of the physical action.