Resli Tale + PPPattern
with Izzo

PPPingPong is born from the cooperation between MADE IN EDIT and PPPattern, the first digital store dedicated to the world of Italian serial creativity thanks to the collaboration with young artists and professionals who belong to various fields of visual culture.

The Neapolitan illustrator Resli Tale created a graphic image that combines the iconic figures of Neapolitanism - the Vesuvius, the clothes hanging, the alleys of the historical center - with colors that recall the sea, the intense relationship between the city and the Mediterranean and its many suggestions. In this image, the author Resli Tale merges her passion for the Neapolitan city with the one for the sea, which she has studied - before becoming a brilliant illustrator - as a marine biologist. Thus the clothes hanging in the sun blend with the sails that stand out on the sea surface and the stratified houses accompany our eyes up to the natural landscape of the great volcano that dominates everything from above. This graphic has then become the protagonist of a special table’s surface, which has the antique flavor of a cabinet-making work, but is combined in a new way with a contemporary illustration. A table on which you can also eat, but born as a game table; designed for open spaces, but able to bring a boost of energy even in an interior.