Khaled El Mays
with the artisans from Quartieri

“Scale” is a collection of modular furnishings based on the suggestion of Neapolitan architecture. When designer Khaled El Mays arrives in Naples, he discovers the city’s Mediterranean linguistic code that immediately links with his Lebanese culture. Like Beirut, Naples knows what it means to welcome multicultural coexistence in a complex alphabet of symbols and visual inputs. Above all, Khaled captures the secret and enchanting soul of the Parthenopean city: that of its courtyards. Here, the architectural wonder of the open stairs is a never-ending discovery.

All this becomes construction material for a sectional and modular system, which is entirely "scalable" in different solutions. From the coat rack to the coffee table, from the dining table to the console the vast declinations of Scale are customizable, because it is a project made from an alphabet that can be conjugated with great freedom. A true surprise emerges: this same design, abstract and translated from materials and craftsmanship, reveals a Mediterranean DNA that goes back to the designer’s Middle Eastern roots. It serves as a welcome reminder that we are all children of a great sea that connects us.